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Getting out on the other side of stress is = hard work.

Especially when you feel that you lack all the tools and resources needed.


In this course, you get a very practically oriented and straightforward approach from a very experienced counselor, who himself has been through the entire stress process, who has noticed how tiring and hard a stress collapse feels on your own body and mind, and who knows what that works and does not work.

To get out on the other side, it's about learning what to do, but it's also about changing your perspective, your approach to yourself and your approach to the world around you.


Everyone can get better over time - that's my promise to you.


You deserve to come home to yourself and get more peace, joy and profit in your everyday life.

I certainly do not offer you quick, easy and superficial solutions, but rather some good and long-lasting solutions that have been thoroughly worked out and tested.


All methods, exercises and tools are of the best quality and can give rise to profound change in the individual.  

Why do we often linger so long in stress and anxiety ...


We may do this because it can often be really challenging and difficult to change something seriously,  especially when one does not know what to grab or do.


We do not automatically get better just because we go home or lie dormant in our beds.

Maybe you really know what it takes, but it's just so hard to change something on your own.

Especially because we have a dull tendency to criticize and judge ourselves. We have our very own inner judge, who judges us promptly if we fail - maybe because we feel that it goes too slowly or that everyone else with stress and anxiety recovers faster, ergo we have to do something wrong.

It can make us feel great hopelessness, powerlessness and powerlessness.

But you are not alone. There is help available.

If it were easy, then there would not be so many in the whole world affected by stress, anxiety and poor mental well-being.

So sign up for this truly life-changing 10-module course,

- so many participants have already used these tools and have come out on the other side.



In short, what you get in the course:

  • A course of 10  inspirational modules.  The course is made easy  practical video and audio sessions, such as  guides you into new and better habits, routines and new ways of thinking.

  • A process that you can follow at your own pace and in your own safe home.

  • A course that is updated and upgraded according to the participants' feedback and reflections

  • A course where you invest 4-6 hours a week to get a good and big effect.
    Persistence and exercise are important, some spend less time, others more.

  • A process where several hundred have used the tools before you and been extremely satisfied with.  

  • A course with the opportunity to ask live questions and get answers to these through live sessions

  • A course with the opportunity to email  Charlotte Rønneberg and get a personal answer back.

  • A course with exercises, tools  and knowledge from well-documented methods.

  •   A course where you will experience that all of you are worked on,  where we work with both your body, mind and soul.

  • An affordable course made in order to provide the right help to those people who may need a lift.



The course contains the following modules:




You will gain important knowledge about stress and anxiety. Why it makes sense to de-stress the body first before you start treating causation. You learn about body awareness and why it is so important. You learn about how to meet your basic needs, what nourishes you and how to bring your body into balance and in a state so that it can heal.




You learn about the types of movement your body and your nervous system need in order to achieve the necessary calm for your nervous system and begin your recovery. You choose your own way of doing it. You learn about the effects of relaxation, yoga and about working with the body's own energy system, as well as your life-giving breathing, which is one of the most important ways to calm the nervous system.




You will work with practical exercises that give you an experience of how nature can help you find presence and peace. You get a lot of tools on how to create the necessary grounding and how important the senses are to your general well-being - so you get pleasure and joy back in life.




You learn how to have a good relationship with your thoughts and feelings so that you reduce inner stress, thoughts and worries. Here you get essential tools to stop the thought swarm. You will learn about how gratitude and acceptance is one of the keys to your healing. In addition, we focus on self-love in practice.


You learn in this module about how much yours  habits and routines mean. You learn that  identifies your own good and not so good habits so you know what habits and routines you need to start changing. You learn about our own formidable ability and way of doing self-sabotage, and about how we can stop it. You will also learn about known and hidden habits that can increase your stress significantly.




You learn about why worry often eats away at our energy. You will gain important knowledge about anxiety and how it is often associated with stress. You learn many effective exercises to minimize worries, thoughts and anxiety. You get exercises that teach you to control your attention such as the train of thought, the magic spell, the house of concern, the reward center, the house of thought and much more.  


This module is double-length (time).  



LIVE FROM YOUR HEART - and become good friends with yourself

Self-care is essential to be able to heal completely if you want well-being, peace, balance and profit into your life again. 

You work to accommodate more emotionally, and live authentically  and perform exercises that help you live from your heart.
You learn about vulnerability and how to find strength in your vulnerability. By practicing love,
  kindness and care towards both yourself and others.




Here you learn to work with your own worth and your own inner judge or critic so that you are no longer sabotaged by negative thoughts and self-criticism as we have a dull tendency to judge ourselves out. You learn to identify your strengths. You learn what you have control over and what you do not have control over.  




You work on finding the right priorities in life. How to structure and plan your time - and how to learn to plan effectively. You get to know your own limits, so you get told in a proper, respectful and good way.




Here you work with your future or current work ,. leisure and family life, so that it all goes up in a higher unit, You learn how to maintain your balance and what it takes, so  you do not fall over again. You are also working on finding your values. What you want in life and going forward. You want to work with the wheel of life. You must now live by what feels and is good for you.  

In addition to the modules, you also get:

  •   Exercises for deep calm, relaxation and  meditations.

  • Exercises for body awareness training, where you work to bring calm, stability and good energy to your nervous system.

  • Exercises for improved concentration and memory.

  • Guide to diet and supplements, as diet is an important part of  your healing process

  • Guide to a better sleep with simple, effective, good and effective means that will help you into a better circadian rhythm.

  • Practical information about sick leave; collaboration with the job center, doctor etc, return to the labor market and much more

  • You can email me with questions and get a personal answer back.

  • Live session  with the possibility of questions



You have the option to purchase conversation sessions:

This  is a unique special offer that only takes effect if you also buy and sign up for the online course "Come home to a life of peace, profit and balance".


You get 3 conversations in connection with the online course at a unique price.

You will save many hundreds of kroner.

You decide for yourself when to activate them during these 12 weeks, where you need the most support and advice.


In this way, you ensure that you remain persistent and motivated, acquire the tools in the right way, are helped to identify your patterns, routines and habits and receive advice and guidance in relation to your specific problems.

You make sure you stay on track - and get the best possible conditions for success.

Practical information and Q &A:  


How does registration and login work?

Once you are on the website, you can register for the course under the item "Help for self-help - Sign up for online course".

Then you must create a login with code and password, these must also be used subsequently for the online modules .
Then you must  provide your payment information.  

You can subsequently use your login to log in directly to the online process.

The online course started last week in August 2021 and opens up with a new module approximately every 14 days. 
Once all the modules have been opened up, then you can access them all for your own well-being.


How do I pay?
You can pay with MobilePay on mobile number 24 62 90 80. Write "Online course" in the text field and pay DKK 599.

NOTE: If you use MobilePay, I will sign you up manually once I have received your payment.


Then write me an SMS with your:
Full name

Mobile number


  - and that you have paid.

I must be able to identify you for your payment in the system.

You can also pay with Swipe - see instructions on the registration page.


Should I be there at special times?

You can use the course at your very own pace in your very own familiar surroundings. It's just you who's in there and you're completely anonymous.  


How often does new material come out?
Every week new videos will be uploaded plus other relevant material.

Each module contains several different videos for you to watch and listen to. You can review them all the times you want.


Some of the modules will contain audio files so you can listen to them via your mobile phone and wherever you are.  


In the videos, the tools will be reviewed very clearly by me, and you will then receive the week's focus points or “tasks” that you need to practice at home.  


Can I participate or attend other courses?

You can easily go in other courses either by a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor or coach. It will ONLY support all the other processes, but at the same time give you a huge boost.  


Do these tools work? 

The tools and exercises are recognized and proven effective methods to get out of stress and stress-related anxiety. 
I have had many participants and professionals in the field who have been crazy about them.  

Will the course only help with illness anxiety, for example?

The course itself is based on  to relieve stress and stress-related anxiety. If you struggle with anxiety, for example, you can experience an increased level of stress, as the body uses many mental and physical resources to be on alert. Therefore, anxiety can trigger stress. Conversely, a high level of stress can lead to an anxiety attackThe course provides tools for more calm and balance, which will be able to help with anxiety. If you "only" suffer from a specific anxiety disorder, then you should seek specific help only for this problem. Charlotte Rønneberg.


How long does it take before I recover?

It is, of course, about how much time and practice the individual sets aside for this course. 

Like so much else, it takes practice and perseverance to feel the effect.  

You should expect to spend 5-6 hours each week on the course. You can also spend less over a longer period of time.  


Sometimes it will feel like a step forward and two back, it is not a linear process. But that's perfectly normal. Suddenly you take a big step forward, then you have to practice there again, then it goes back and forth again but still with a little progress from jump to jump, and suddenly you jump forward again.  



This course and the tools have been thoroughly tested by several hundred participants. They are extremely effective - and they work.  


But you have to be persistent, patient, brave, use your heart and practice.  


You will experience a treasure trove of knowledge, tools, exercises, experiences, tips and advice.  


You will have aha experiences and it will be exciting to follow your development back to calm, profit and balance.  


So you not only survive, but actually live a full life - as deserved.  


So take the plunge now…

Once you are registered, you can log in here


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You will be supported all the way


- from your first step which is about stopping your stress and starting on your recovery.  

To the last step where you have found your way back to balance and calm inside yourself and  a life without stress.

Online course

Come home to a life of calm, balance and profit

Are you tired of stress, negative thoughts and  the feeling  of not having control?


If YES - then try this 10 module online course for you - it works.


The course is for you who have stress or stress-related anxiety, who are worried and who can feel that your nervous system jumps and dances around for nothing, maybe you feel that all your senses are on guard all the time, maybe you have the feeling of powerlessness and powerlessness .

Maybe you are on sick leave or you may feel that you are close to the edge.


The course is also for you who have been affected for far too long and for you who may feel that your situation is beginning to affect your general well-being.

We often tend to downplay ourselves and our well-being.

We often go to the hairdresser, dentist, fitness etc - why do we not invest and prioritize more maintenance of our body, mind and soul?


During this course, you can sit at home in your own safe environment and be guided in all 10 modules  with effective, concrete and short practice-oriented video and audio lessons. It is designed to give you inspiration, aha experiences,  practical exercises and the necessary motivation to be able to hold on and change your habits, routines and patterns.

I guide and show you the way out of stress, thoughts and worries home to yourself, where you can find peace, balance, profit and joy.

599, -

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