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Stress often creeps in


Are you stressed at the moment?

Stress occurs when you are exposed to pressures, demands, expectations or strains that exceed your abilities, resources and opportunities that you have to resolve the situation that you are in.


Stress often creeps in, most people in the situation are often amazed that they have been stressed, some people even deny it. It certainly can not hit me.

But stress comes after prolonged hard load. You can easily be busy without being stressed, if only you can slow down at a slower pace again, ie a period without pressure. But if the pressure does not decrease and the period gets longer and longer, then you need to pay attention to your body's signals, because then it can develop into severe stress.

Stress is the body's alertness

The emergency preparedness starts when you get into a challenging / pressured situation. This may be the case, for example, when something unexpected happens. The stress response is that your nervous system reacts and the hormones adrenaline and cortisol increase, thus the body is sent on alert.


Then you may feel your heart beating fast, you may start sweating, and you may become focused on the challenge you are facing. The reaction sharpens the senses and enables you to act quickly. But the body can not stand to be in constant alert, it simply becomes overloaded and it can develop into stress.

Prolonged exposure to stress

When your body is exposed to pressure over a long period of time and does not get the necessary rest, but is constantly in a state of alert / stress, because there is no break from heavy loads, then stress can become dangerous.


Prolonged exposure to stress increases the risk of a number of serious health problems, both physical and mental illness. Eg. blood clots, high blood pressure, diabetes, migraines, anxiety and depression.

Click on the links in the menu under stress-free - for more in-depth information about various stress symptoms and get more information about the different phases of stress.



Is the number of people who tell,  that they feel extremely stressed



Is the number of people who have experience with stress and who affect their physical health.



Is the number of people who have stress in one form or another where it affects their mental health.



Is the number of people who tell,  that they have difficulty sleeping due to stress.

Facts and talk about stress

  • Every day, 35,000 Danes are on sick leave due to a mentally poor work environment, which can result in, for example, stress, burnout, depression and psychosomatic symptoms.

  • 430,000 Danes, corresponding to 10-12%, experience symptoms of severe stress every day

  • In 2010, approx. 12% of Danes over the age of 15 that they were very nervous or stressed. This corresponds to approx. 500,000 people

  • 250,000 - 300,000 Danes suffer from severe stress

  • 500,000 Danes feel burnt out at work due to stress

  • 1400 Danes die every year from mental workload, among other things. caused by stress

  • 30,000 hospitalizations per year due to stress

  • Every fifth person who becomes ill from stress risks losing their job

Source Statistics Denmark 

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