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Watch the video "What happens in the brain during stress?"

Do you sometimes feel like you are taking a step forward but two back?


No matter how much stress you have in your body, you can be with it and accommodate it.

Even though you may be feeling max stressed right now, and your body and mind are making a lot of noise - so hang on dear

When will I get well again, when will I get well?

I am often asked about this by lovely and cool clients.

Most people in a stressful situation often feel that their stress goes up and down, no matter what they do.

Just like you think it's all just running on rails and you start to get calm in the body and more profits on the account, and several of your stress symptoms have dropped ...

But as you turn a hand, you suddenly take a step back, the stress symptoms begin to flare up again, and you may again encounter impotence, pain, and resistance.

This is perfectly normal.

The better you become at accepting and accommodating that it goes up and down, the faster and better you get through the hard and heavy days.

Back to a more neutral place.

Remember that your impatience, suffering and powerlessness are not there forever, everything is changeable, you can well accommodate and be with it.

It is part of your healing process.

Nothing lasts forever.

It must be like that, that's how the learning curve is under stress.  

All of a sudden, the process turns around, then it should probably move forward.  

So try to let go and be with your stress.

There is hope

- even if your brain tells you the opposite.

So listen to your heart instead

- and your body.

The stress process often feels like a step forward and two back.

The healing process of stress is not far from linear.

It goes up and down. - It's a wave.


Try to imagine the stress process as climbing a flight of stairs.


As previously written, many often feel relapsed when stressed, and it is so demotivated and the feeling of powerlessness is great ..


Try to imagine the stress process as climbing a flight of stairs.


After a stress collapse there you are just below the bottom step.  


The first thing that happens is that you have to learn to be able to commit yourself there.  

Simply put , you learn to scroll. at this stage to get more calm on the system, recover and to be able to create a little security for yourself and your system.  


After some time, you will slowly and surely be able to create more security in your own home and in your own system.


After a while, you slowly move up to the next step.  


Every time you move up a step, it sometimes creates massive headwinds in the system - and again and again you have to go one step forward and two back. 

Now you are going to learn to commit yourself there.  

But after a while, your system does not go down as deep as it used to. It's still hard but still a little easier ..


You need to slowly train up in - and get to know yourself and your system and learn to be able to create peace and security in yourself, no matter what situation you are in.


Your whole system is so insecure, it gets scared so easily.  


It shakes and is alert and thinks "Ohh are you taking care of me now ..."


As I said, the system must learn to feel safe again, it must be calmed again and again and again. 

- and you need to learn to be able to restore confidence in your system, because you have previously violated your own boundaries again and again. You have not listened.


You and your system must simply learn to be able to commit yourself first with yourself, then with other people and be in different situations and then out in different contexts out in society.  

It's a longer journey. Therefore, it takes time.


At the first step there, you may have learned to commit yourself and create security inside your own sphere. 

Then afterwards you must learn to be able to commit yourself with others and be able to create security for yourself and your system together with others.  


How to build slowly step by step.  


It takes time, a lot of patience, tools, practice and often a good professional helper by your side.

When you again feel the powerlessness coming, you just see it - and say: " good that I discovered it".  


It must also like to be there.  

See the model below with "4 STEPS after a stress collapse a simplified model"


Another good thing to know at the beginning of a stress management course.


When I help people get rid of stress, they often experience that they have, or get an experience of getting worse after the first few weeks.  


It feels  suddenly as if their stress and stress symptoms feel worse than when they started on the course.


But it's not about them getting worse.  




They have started to correct it, it has gone awry and are now listening more to their body and mind.


It is actually quite normal that you often experience a small dive when you start on a stress management course.  


Now you have  finally decided to do something and then you feel like you're getting worse than you might have before.  


But dear you must know that you do not have it at all.  


It feels like that because you are now bringing attention to yourself, your body and the signals that your body is sending to you.  


Maybe you feel something that was not there before, but that does not mean it was not there before.


You just have not brought attention to it until now.


So your increased attention, your increased attention to your body and your body signals, so it can feel as if you are feeling worse.  


But really, you feel that YOU ARE COMPLETELY ON THE RIGHT WAY, as you feel yourself, and feel yourself even more than before.

It can create noise and fright.


One of the most important keys out of stress is to be in good contact with the body as it is the body that tells you how stressed you are


Your body sends you hundreds of signals every day before you even get stressed


So you need to learn to interpret and listen to the body's messages so that you can adjust and act on what is being listened to.


Therefore, it is really good to be able to listen to the body


But here in the beginning when you work your way out of your stress, it can feel as if you feel worse and it goes back.  


But YOU are NOT going back.  


You're right where you need to be  


So even if it feels hard, know that you are on the right track. 🤍

If you want, I can guide you safely and gently up the stairs towards a good and healthy stress-free  life.

You will be guided at the right pace so that it does not go too fast or too slow.

Do you want to get through the whole stress process more easily?


You will be supported all the way


- then register yours for the Online course

- You get all the tools and exercise you need.

Click here to read more.

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