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Exam anxiety is often caused by negative thoughts

Anxiety about not living up to one's own and others' high expectations.

Fear of disappointing parents, teachers and peers  by doing poorly.  

Fear of not getting in  on the dream studio if things go badly.


You can learn to change negative thoughts into realistic and

positive thoughts.

Learn methods to act differently and learn to concentrate,

so you can  cope with an exam situation and have a positive experience.


Most people with exam anxiety can  get help  through cognitive training.


Cognitive training  helps you to stay  aware of where your

problems lie, and teach you  to change your own  negative thinking and behaviors so you can learn to deal with your exam anxiety.  



Do you get butterflies in your stomach just at the thought of graduating?


Then you are probably struggling with one or more of these thoughts:


  • How do I prevent the flap from going down?

  • What if I start crying?

  • What can I do if I get a stomach ache?

  • What can I do if I can not sleep the night before graduation?

  • How can I build greater self-esteem?


Exam anxiety can be very uncomfortable and stressful for the person affected by it and can mean:


  • A very grueling time leading up to the exam

  • That anxiety steals all your time, focus and energy

  • That your performance for the exam will be worse than what you could otherwise perform  - even if you are well prepared.


Maybe you are one of the people who feels the exam anxiety long before the exam, for example by:


  • Headache

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Bad stomach

  • Tension and restlessness in the body

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Abandoned and sad


Or you may be a person who first feels the exam anxiety in the exam situation itself, for example by:


  • Physical (sweaty hands, high heart rate, restlessness in the body, dry mouth)

  • You experience that "the flap goes down", that "you go in black" - and you do not remember anything from the exam itself.


I can help you with your exam anxiety.

You get effective tools, it can range from effective presentation techniques and concrete tools to managing and preventing your exam anxiety.




Let go of your exam anxiety - and book an appointment now!


I offer everything from individual courses with conversations (1-1), workshops or 1/2 day courses.


Right now I offer a workshop on exam and performance anxiety, it is aimed at someone who is going up for an exam and who is suffering from exam anxiety and / or performance anxiety. It is a course that extends over 1 month (about 3-4 times), where we meet about once a week for 1.5 hours.


The conversations always take place on your terms, ie. If you want an online course via Skype, or a conversation at home with me, we do it like this - everything can be arranged as needed.

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