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I emphasize presence, authenticity, humor, warmth and high professionalism.

Charlotte Rønneberg, advisor and  therapist 
Educations and courses:
Programmer, Humanities, Project manager education, Youth pedagogical education VIA Uni,
Coach and NO Stress Mentor, therapist and education and courses in cognitive and metacognitive therapy and mindfulness.
Owner of: Charlotte Rønneberg Rådgivning


I have worked as a coordinator, manager and project manager for several years, among others. within communication and the social pedagogical field. I have a degree in youth pedagogy and am a humanist from VIA University College, and have for many years worked with both adults and young people, especially the target group between 10 and 25 years in a social pedagogical context, where young people's well-being and development was my primary focus.


Hundreds of young people, employees and managers have been coached and have reviewed my personal development and project courses and learned to use various self-development tools, among others. communication and performance tools that have given them success and a noticeably better self-esteem.


I now work as a freelancer and am a consultant in bla. stress, anxiety and sleep problems.  

I enjoy my work so much, it means an incredible deal to me to be able to follow another human being, and see their development over time.


Being able to meet another human being in the middle of their often hardest and most difficult time in life is a great privilege - and an honor.  

I have worked with people all my life.


I have worked with personal conversations  all the way back as a consultant from the beginning of 1997, when I was a consultant for the Danish Cancer Society and COPA.


I also have personal experience from my own stress collapse, where I myself have been through all phases of a convalescence process. This has given me great insight and practical experience in which efforts and tools give the greatest benefit, depending on where in the process a client is.


To that extent, I emphasize presence, humor and concrete tools in my sessions.


Recurring themes in my clients are dealing with stress, anxiety, sleep and for most a great desire to create a healthy, good and balanced life.


I welcome you all to my little universe.

I work mainly with counseling in stress, anxiety and sleep problems.


I am offering:

  • Counseling in stress, sick leave, etc.

  • Counseling in anxiety, exam anxiety and performance anxiety

  • Counseling and coaching in sleep disorders, energy deficits, fatigue, etc.


Charlotte Rønneberg

Adviser and  therapist 

In the conversation, I emphasize presence, humor, authenticity, warmth and high professionalism.

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