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  • Do you often feel tired and without energy?

  • Do you have difficulty concentrating on the things you need?

  • Do you often not feel good enough?

  • Do you often feel that you are not hitting?

  • Do you often feel restless inside?

  • Do you occasionally have difficulty falling asleep?

  • Do you often have a stomach ache?

  • Are you going to cry easily?

  • Do you easily become irritable?

  • Do you often have headaches?


If you can answer yes to some of the questions, it could be a sign of stress.

What can you do about stress?

Stress is a sign that you are frustrated and therefore something needs to be done about it! Did you know that a lot of young people are stressed and they often get very stressed while going to school - so you are far from the only one! In fact, young girls between the ages of 16-24 are the group in Denmark that is most often affected by stress. Stress is unhealthy in every way.
It affects us both physically, mentally and socially. Many do not feel at all that they are striking and it gives sadness, self-esteem problems, lack of desire and lots of frustrations in everyday life.
Therefore, it can be difficult to take care of one's school / education and leisure life. It is important that you can get help, be understood and get some tools to get rid of stress so that you can get your good mood and profits back.


Let me help you.


Stress counseling for young people

Stress counseling is for you who need help to get rid of your stress through conversation, counseling and exercises. We address what is experienced as difficult in your life. You will find that it helps a lot to put your situation into words. You will discover that you are getting some tools needed for you to change your situation so that you can be happy with yourself, your life and start dreaming again.


Stress courses for young people

Stress course for young people is a course over 4 at least times, where we get in depth with what you experience is difficult. We work purposefully to strengthen your self-esteem and your resilience as well as reduce the stress in your everyday life. The first and most important thing is to get your stress down before we can not work with the underlying issues.


Together we find the way and create new ways of seeing and feeling yourself. With the help of counseling, mindfulness and various tools, we tailor the perfect course for you.

Get help - here and now:


If you feel stressed - call and have a clarifying and non-committal conversation so we can find the right help for you!


If you have a child who is stressed - contact me and we will find the best together.

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