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Anxiety and stress group


The group is for you who have symptoms of stress and anxiety - and who want to learn to deal with your stress, anxiety and restlessness.


If you feel that your anxiety and stress control your life more and more ..  


Then this group course can teach you to understand and deal with how you feel.

- and not least reduce some of your anxiety and restlessness.  


You will experience great support and redemption by finding out that you are not alone. 

You're not going crazy and you're not seriously ill.  


You have anxiety, but you are not anxiety. You have stress, but you are not stressed


If you often feel nervous, depressed, worried, stressed or anxious and often have disturbing thoughts that prevent you from sleeping
- or you have difficulty looking after school or work…


Then Charlotte Rønneberg Rådgivning offers you a group course for you who have anxiety and stress.  


  • In the group you will meet others who have symptoms of stress and anxiety.  


  • In the group you will be able to share your thoughts, feelings and challenges

  • In the group you will meet great understanding

  • In the group, you will, together with the others, seek new paths and get new mastery tools.

  • In the group you will have a long awaited refuge

  • In the group you will meet others in the same situation as you.

  • In the group, you have the opportunity to develop by giving, receiving and learning from the experiences of others.  

  • In the group, you may meet some who have come a step further along the way and who can give you renewed hope.

  • In the group you will be able to be completely yourself

  • In the group, it is safe to talk about his innermost thoughts without judgment and the vomit under and in a safe environment

  • There is a duty of confidentiality in the group



The mutual help and support that the group can offer you, it is hard to find elsewhere.  


Security and trust is the key word in the group.  


The meetings are always attended by professionals who help to create the good warm, safe and trusting environment.  


When you suffer from stress and anxiety, it can be important and important to be able to meet others in the same situation to avoid isolating yourself and to sense that you are not alone with your anxiety and your worries.  


Get the necessary knowledge,  exercises  and tools so you can pack yours  worries  and the anxiety gone

Practical information


The group meets approx. every three or four weeks and it all works online.

The group agrees when.


Now you might be thinking an online support group can it really work?


It actually works really well as one can sit at home in one’s own safe and accustomed surroundings. You can see everyone on the screen via video so you feel like you are sitting directly opposite them.  


At all the meetings, Charlotte Rønneberg will be present and guide you in the right direction.  


You will gain necessary knowledge about stress and anxiety and be taught some supportive tools and exercises that would be able to help you calm your nervous system.  


Everyone has a duty of confidentiality, and you are free to say how much you want to tell about yourself.


Price and meeting activity

The group meets 6 times for a duration of 1.5 (2) hours.  


The group is at max. 6  persons.  


The price to participate is DKK 150 per time, ie DKK 900.
The amount must be paid in advance.

Statements from previous participants:

"I went in the anxiety group and it was just so liberating.

Being with other like-minded people and hearing that I was not getting completely insane was so good.J  oak feels only a hint of anxiety  occasionally, but with Charlotte's tools, I can keep them at bay. I'm so grateful for the group " 

/ Karina H.

"I miss being with the group. That  helped  me totally crazy to listen to the stories of others and anxiety symptoms. I have always been so embarrassed by my anxiety and stress that I hid it. But not anymore. Charlotte helped me. 

I have no more anxiety after 10 years of massive anxiety. "

/ Lotte K.

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This comprehensive audio file is indispensable knowledge for someone who has sensitive nervous system

You can buy the very extensive audio file in the shop.

​ Overload, trauma, stress and anxiety can make everyday life difficult to manage and master.

​ Therefore, we need to find new ways to reduce our anxiety and stress.

​ By getting to know our sensory system,

then one can learn to master and create calm in one's own nervous system through the senses.

Forløb og andre tilbud er her

Find one that works for you

  • Online-forløb

    Kom hjem til et liv i ro, balance og overskud
    Valid for one year
    • MODUL 6 Tanker, bekymringer og (stressrelateret) angst
    • MODUL 7 Lev fra dit hjerte
    • Øvelser til dyb ro, afspænding og meditationer
    • Øvelser til forbedret koncentration og hukommelse.
    • Kropsbevidsthedsøvelser og træning
    • Bonusvideo om praktiske oplysninger omkring sygemelding.
    • Guide til en bedre søvn
    • Support maile til mig altid med spørgsmål
    • Live-sessioner indimellem med mulighed for spørgsmål
  • Gruppeforløb 2023

    Gruppeforløb for stress og angstramte
    Valid for 7 months
    • I gruppen skal du være tilmeldt online forløbet
    • I gruppen er Online Forløbet ikke inkluderet i prisen
    • I gruppen er der max 6-8 personer
    • I gruppen vil du møde andre ligesindede
    • I gruppen vil du kunne dele dine tanker og følelser
    • I gruppen vil du møde stor forståelse
    • I gruppen vil du i fællesskab med de andre søge nye veje
    • I gruppen vil du få et langt ventet fristed
    • I gruppen vil du møde andre i samme situation som dig.
    • I gruppen har du mulighed for at udvikle dig
    • I gruppen møder du måske nogle som er nået et skridt længere
    • I gruppen vil du kunne være helt dig selv
    • I gruppen er det trygt at tale om sine inderste tanker
    • I gruppen er der tavshedpligt

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