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How to stress less during this Christmas holiday  


Christmas is a time of cosiness, family, good food, festivities and good mood. 

Many people look forward to spending time with their loved ones and friends and sharing these festivities.  


Christmas is the feast of hearts, it sounds familiar.  


But no matter how cozy and wonderful Christmas may be, many people end up running around with sweat on their foreheads most of the month of December - because you have to bake, pickle, decorate, buy, eat, have fun, prepare, prepare and…  


Yes, the Christmas preparations can feel endless.  


Christmas is an incredibly traditional time. The nostalgia from childhood, where things were in a certain way, is guaranteed to make its mark on your expectations for Christmas every single year, and traditions are there to be maintained. Or what?  


December is also a time when long lists of tasks often take up more space than the pleasant moments full of togetherness and presence,
which should really be in focus at Christmas.  


It can therefore be a good exercise to look a little at one's expectations for Christmas as a family.  


Actually, it is not the Christmas itself that is stressful.  


It is largely our perception of what a good Christmas is - and our own expectations of ourselves that are stressful.  




That is why it is important that you as a family sit down and adjust your expectations.  

Get more great advice and tips for a less stressful Christmas in the video below 

Live session - Gå din ferie eller julen godt i møde

Live session - Gå din ferie eller julen godt i møde

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