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When there is stress in the nervous system and one's thoughts run in circles, the anxiety rumbles and gets worse and worse, and no matter what you do, then you can not make it calm down.  


The system is on full alert.  


Overload, trauma, stress and anxiety can make everyday life difficult to manage and master.  


  • There is, so to speak, "stress in our nervous system".

  • It can affect our ability to e.g. to remember and learn new things.

  • It can affect our behavior so that we quickly become angry, vulnerable or anxious.

  • Stress in the nervous system means that we do not tolerate too many sensory impressions.

  • It can cause us to choose meaningful things from in our lives.


Therefore, we need to find new ways to reduce our anxiety and stress.  


By gaining knowledge of our own sensory system, one can learn to master and create calm in his nervous system through the senses.  


Restlessness and anxiety can be reduced, and increased body awareness and better conditions for brain functions can be created, so that, for example, there is a surplus to concentrate and learn new things.  


We are bombarded with so many promotional sensory impressions every day, for example through transport, work, other people, social media - and all the things we have to deal with, and it stresses our brain and body - the amygdala get started  


This is equivalent to a saber tiger constantly breathing down our necks  


Therefore, we must learn to use different san techniques to distract ourselves with.


I have recorded a longer audio file where one is given  lots of different suggestions for diversionary maneuvers that can be used effectively to remove focus away from thoughts and anxiety - and get calm in the system with them must of course be practiced.


- and it works.

All this for 25 kr.

So you want to unwind, reduce anxiety and relax better and achieve better balance?


So buy the audio file now

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