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You will be supported all the way


- from your first step which is about stopping your stress and starting on your recovery.  

To the last step where you have found your way back to balance and calm inside yourself and  a life without stress.

Counseling courses 1 to 1



By choosing counseling 1 to 1, you get a greater insight into the reasons behind

your stress symptoms,  what patterns and habits do you have with you -  and which can be

the cause of your stress.

You will work with:
  • The cause of your stress

  • The reason for your patterns and habits

  • The reason you have a hard time taking care of yourself and avoiding stress.

  • and of course, you need to dress up with some gear so you never get stressed again.  

You get help through tools and conversation, to process your stress, and discover,

what is at stake in your everyday life that makes you so stressed and struggling to survive

your own life rather than living it.

Do you know these signs?
  • You can no longer stand anything - not your work at all.

  • You have difficulty concentrating

  • You often experience everyday life as messy and full of noise, sounds etc.

  • You often forget appointments and other things to remember during the day

  • You lack the energy to be something for your family when your work day is over

  • You have a hard time being present when someone talks to you

  • You feel tired and have no surplus - already when you wake up in the morning

  • You experience physical stress symptoms such as fatigue, palpitations, tension, headaches or other pain

  • Your head is about to explode when there are too many sounds or you have to deal with too many things

  • You are more angry and irritable than happy and relaxed

  • You have a hard time accommodating other people 

  • You have a constant feeling of being inadequate 

  • You are sad and crying all the time



If you can recognize the above symptoms,  and have not been diagnosed with stress, so you should see your doctor.


Have you just been taken ill with stress?


Or have you just been told by your doctor that you have stress?


Then you can book a call -  where you get good and loving help all the way

- you are going on a journey out of your stress and over to a new life in peace and balance.

You will be supported all the way - from your first step which is about stopping your stress and recovery. 

- to find back to the balance and calm inside you and live a life without stress.

No matter where you are, counseling is a good forward-looking tool for acknowledging your situation and accepting it - only then is it possible to be able to work further, and use the situation positively as a change process to create improvement in your life.

An advisor is a confidential and impartial conversation partner who challenges you to think and act differently. See things in new perspectives. A counselor supports you in finding the path that you deep down know you want to go but that you do not see clearly right now.


With counseling, you get help to find joy in life and create balance.


It is important that you feel comfortable in the company of me as your advisor - that is, that the chemistry between us is good.  


Stress counseling is a series of sessions between you and me, where we examine the cause of your stress and find out how you can get out of it again and back to an everyday life where you function well both privately and professionally.


I recommend at least five conversations.

Stress is usually a long time to build up, and it often also takes a long time before it releases again. At the first interview, we create an overview of your situation. In the subsequent conversations, we delve into more specific areas that you need to talk about in relation to your stress.


In the conversations, we talk about stress symptoms and what situations you experience it in, but we also go back and look at the overview of your life. We investigate what strains you have been exposed to, for example in your workplace, and perhaps we look back on your school days or your childhood if the cause of your stress goes so far back.






Cancellation or change of time up to 24 hours before the interview is free of charge. In case of no-show or late cancellation / change, the full price of the treatment is paid.

Some stress sufferers have a hard time getting out, so of course I also offer advice online via SKYPE, MESSENGER etc.

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