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Learn to control your illness anxiety so that it is not the anxiety that controls you


It is so hard when one is preoccupied with disease anxiety.

Imagine if you were now over-over-aware of your body and you spend a lot of your waking time noticing and keeping an eye on every single tension, restlessness, bloating, stiffness, rush, sting or tingling.


You see all your bodily symptoms as signs  disease or imagined advanced diseases such as a bad heart, cancer or a cerebral palsy.  

Afterwards, you're in a hurry to resort to Google, and you already have the doctor coded into your phone or know the route to your doctor's blindfold.


When you arrive at the doctor's, you may be examined,  your doctor assures you that you are not doing anything seriously wrong.


You accept reluctantly and only in distress the doctor's words , because doctors have made mistakes before.


This is a typical example of a person with disease anxiety.


Unfortunately, there are so many people who suffer from disease anxiety.


Unfortunately, they are of the opinion or belief that feeling, feeling, examining and analyzing every little nook and cranny of their body, seeking information and being examined is the solution to anxiety and their path to calm, security and clarification .

The calm that (perhaps) comes immediately after, for example, the examination by the doctor, is usually only very short-lived.


Soon more doubt, unrest, and anxiety follow. "I do not trust my doctor's assessment - he has overlooked something - I'm sure
that I have a blood clot ”or" the doctor must have been wrong "


The thoughts revolve around all the time, about what you might be missing, who you can now seek out, who is skilled in this area, etc.

A bit paradoxically, one can actually say well, as one's solution becomes the problem.


The sufferer maintains the vicious circle, where the safety behavior becomes that more examinations are needed to provide immediate reassurance, peace and security.


Often you feel that you are walking around in an eternal form of emergency preparedness or that you are constantly worried.


Unfortunately, that is so  incredibly grueling and hard.

But there is help to be had. I have had and helped SO many people with anxiety.

You can always contact me for an interview.


If the money is small
- then I have made an online course for stress and anxiety sufferers, so that everyone can benefit from these effective tools for reasonable money.

So far, you can hear a little more about disease anxiety in the Podcast below - it's quite non-binding and it's free.

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Overcome your illness anxiety instead of living with your anxiety.

Right now can receive a Podcast on Disease Anxiety.

There will be more.

If you are interested in getting rid of your anxiety and getting many good management tools, then you can sign up for the Online Course.

"Get rid of anxiety and stress".


There we focus on stress, stress-related anxiety, anxiety, brooding, thoughts, thoughts and worries.


Among other things, you will receive several different thought management tools, new and healthy strategies and, among other things, knowledge about safety behavior.


So you can come back to a life of peace, joy and balance.

Get a free Podcast on Disease Anxiety and subscribe so you get the next Podcast
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Regards Charlotte Rønneberg 
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