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Phase 3​ Chronic stress


I work with four phases of stress.

This way, you can more easily "spot" where you are on the stress scale via your stress symptom types.

All symptoms are relative and can / will of course vary from person to person, but the symptoms are typical.
Some experience the symptoms differently, some get many symptoms, others have few.


When you get stressed, you move through different phases, depending on how stressed you are.

You start in phase 1 and move on to phase 2, 3 and finally phase 4. (if you do not stop in time).

You can also swing back and forth a bit in the phases.


The symptoms that you got in phase 1, so they will follow over to the next phase, etc.

So you "carry" the symptoms with you and thus also get new symptoms on top.


In phase 1 the body whispers to you, in phase 2 the body speaks, in phase 3 the body shouts and in phase 4 it screams.


So the body "speaks" louder and louder. (see picture below).


Stress relief phase

When you need to de-stress, you have to go out of all the phases again, but by the same path that you have entered.

So for example your phase 3 symptoms they disappear so before phase 2 symptoms etc.
You then move into phase 2 (symptoms slowly disappear), and then on to phase 1.



Chronic stress

Chronic stress is a condition that occurs when the body has been moderately stressed for too long.

You did not stop in time, and you are now in phase 3 a chronic stress condition.


You can no longer do what you used to do, you are ineffective. All your resources are almost depleted.

In this phase you MUST stop completely!

If you do not stop now, then your body will stop you after a space of time.


You typically need professional help at this stage if you are unable to downsize yourself (which you often cannot).

You often run further in this phase as it is your natural survival mechanism. You say, to yourself, if only I could just finish that project or ...


The last to know that you are going down with stress, it is often yourself. You have lost your ability to see clearly, your self-reality is completely blurred.  

In this phase, the body is shouting at you.

Typical symptoms

When you have been in phase 3 stress for too long without stopping, it develops into a definite stress collapse

Remember that it is individual what symptoms you may have.


However, these symptoms are typical of stage 3.

You can read about more stress symptoms on this page

These bodily symptoms are common in stage 3

  • The memory begins to fail

  • Inherent diseases often flare up

  • Unexplained diseases and symptoms from the body (hold in the back etc)

  • Unexplained pain

  • Very irritable / aggressive / angry

  • Is hard to be social

  • Frustrated or black mind

  • Bleeding disorders in women

  • Lack of self-knowledge - the worldview is distorted - one survives on the routine

  • More cravings for stimulants (coffee, sugar, alcohol)

  • Feeling worn out and energy depleted

  • Has difficulty making decisions

  • Often ill



In the shop for DKK 29 you can buy the very extensive audio file about the stress phases 
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The audio file "What is stress" contains, among other things:

  • The different stress phases

  • What stress is and does to you

  • What your body and mind go through in the different phases

  • Review of the general symptoms

  • Find out where you yourself are in the stress phases.

  • What happens when you experience a stress collapse


Phase 1

The body whispers to you


Let pres  


phase  2

The body speaks to you


STOP if you can 


phase 3

The body shouts at you


STOP or be stopped


FAse 4

The body screams at you


You are now in free fall

Stress collapse

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