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If I now say to you…


That you can get more peace in your system, just by screwing up and down some very specific handles and at the same time use some very easily accessible  tools.  


You probably know some of them in advance


It's not rocket science…  

You need to learn to balance more between doing and being.

We live in a world where we are used to always having to do something.

For many it is not natural, for some it may even be a little embarrassing, because it feels 'lazy', if you just give in to being.


But we all just need to pull the plug once in a while, go for long walks, sleep a little extra, allow ourselves to sit still and not really do or do anything.

We humans believe that we must always do something, always must act to move forward.


But if we are always busy doing one thing after another and never stop and notice, then we can easily lose touch with ourselves.


  So stop, take a break, take time for yourself - use the exercises in the e-book and you will achieve more calm and balance.


Unplug  -  cut back on appointments, stay away from social media, which just stresses and distracts you further.

- and use the tools and exercises in this e-book.


You will be able to feel the effect quite quickly.  


You can simply achieve calm and better balance by, for example, just breathing

With the little e-book "Relax and breathe " you get many effective

breathing and relaxation exercises and thought management exercises they are super easy to go to.

You get in the e-book "Relax and breathe":

  • Knowledge of body awareness

  • Video about your breathing

  • 9 good and effective breathing exercises

  • 6 muscle and relaxation exercises both guided and texted.

  • Exercises that can help you achieve better calm

  • Good and effective exercises for thought management and for achieving a better sleep if the mind is running around. 

  • Access to guided relaxation exercises, meditations   and visualization exercise


All this for DKK 49.

So you want to unwind, reduce anxiety and relax better and achieve better balance?


Then buy the e-book "Relax and breathe".

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