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Great Diet & Vitamin Guide
  • Great Diet & Vitamin Guide

    It is important to take care of your whole organism's body and mind. In case of stress and anxiety, the body is in extreme readiness. A lot of energy is created by releasing carbohydrate and fat to the cells. With prolonged stress, the large amounts of carbohydrate and fat released into the bloodstream will not be able to be absorbed by the cells. This gives too high a sugar content in the blood which can lead to diabetes as well as too much fat in the blood which can lead to elevated cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Preventively, the diet can make a regular difference, so you become more robust and less susceptible to stress and anxiety. An often underestimated path to less anxiety and stress is the diet you consume. So what do I mean by that?  Diet and health alone probably do not mean that you get rid of all your stress and anxiety. But diet is one of the most important parameters that you can turn on to create balance in your body. That way, you can prevent your stress and anxiety - both from occurring and from developing. When you take care of your body's basic needs and keep the body healthy, your brain registers this as a sign that you are feeling well = safe. On the other hand, when you do not eat properly and the right diet or starve, thirst and are stressed, then your brain registers that you are not in balance = insecure. The diet is at least 10% of one's anxiety and stress treatment and recovery. When it comes to your treatment, you are good with it. Unfortunately, there are a few who skip this part - and they often feel that they never fully recover or lack the last% If you have anxiety and stress, then the diet can also make a significant difference. Trying to manage your daily stress is important for achieving well-being and health - and for preventing it from developing. People who are under constant stress and anxiety are more vulnerable to all sorts of ailments and diseases ranging from colds to high blood pressure and heart disease. There are many ways to deal with stress and anxiety and one of them is to get the right diet which fights the symptoms. Your diet can have anxiety and stress-reducing effects in several ways. It can be straight from a large hot bowl of oatmeal which actually causes your serotonin level to rise, serotonin is a chemical substance that gives the brain a soothing feeling. Other diets and foods can limit levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which are stress hormones Buy this 26 page guide with knowledge of: Stress, anxiety and diet The do's and the don'ts - you become what you eat What diet is healthy and which reduces your stress & anxiety Bad eating habits and routines in connection with food intake Alcohol and stress & anxiety Things that you should stay away from if stressed or anxiety The good morning routine How to keep your blood sugar stable How, among other things, diet, alcohol, caffeine and sugar affects the system Vitamin-boosters smoothie etc, Plus a lot of good advice and tips As something new, there is an ator extended vitamin guide with. The guide is a super good and important purchase in the "fight" against stress and anxiety. If you are anxious or stressed then this guide is a must have ..
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