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Help and self-help  

Do you want to get rid of your stress and anxiety or your sleep problems. - Then help for self-help can do a lot.


Even if you have sleep problems, anxiety or stress, and may feel that your options are few or limited, there is plenty of self-help that you can perform on a daily basis to keep the anxiety and stress at the door.


It is decided  not sure that  that's enough, but with some basic strategies, it will be possible to reduce some of the discomfort and unrest.

Under this menu item Help for self-help, there are many options to help yourself through various offers for you.

You can also always go under articles and find all sorts of tools and exercises that you can use at home.  

That  can also always be helpful to talk to friends and family about everything, even things that are difficult and go on. It can forge close bonds and create a fine foundation for good relationships.


We must not always be afraid to show that we are not perfect.

To be a person with several dimensions - someone who dares to show and talk about everything, both when it goes up and down - is an honest and authentic person.

If it is not enough to talk to his friends or family, then you can always contact me or other professional help.


It is of course  a limit to how helpful it is to just talk to your friends and family.  

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