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Energy deficit  - get balance in your body and your mind


Is your energy at the bottom?

It's incredibly hard that  every time you need something,  always must  withdraw  even up by

the hair,  because one no energy or surplus  have.


But it is advice that you can change your whole life and yours  energy  by doing

small changes and adjustments in your everyday life so that you again get profits and energy.


The most difficult thing is often to make the decision we know deep down is right for us.

So go  responsibility for your own life - and book an appointment and get your energy level back to normal.


Can you say YES to some of the sentences below:

    •     Do you feel like you're just hanging in there, rather than being upstairs?

    •     Do you lack the surplus to go for a walk, exercise, by appointments, eat healthier?

    •     Do you let your negative thoughts control your life and limit your own potential?

    •     Do you wake up every morning and wish it was Sunday?

    •     Do you often say no to your children or friends because you simply do not have a profit?


If you can say YES to multiple sentences, THEN  it's probably the energy that needs to be tuned up.


Things that puncture  your energy:

    •     That there is no control over your foundation your basic needs.

    •     That you have some social relationships that drain you and do not enrich you.

    •     That your inner environment is out of balance

    •     That you are a pessimist rather than an optimist?

    •     That you are constantly telling yourself the wrong things.

    •     That you are sick, stressed or just overwhelmed by life



It may  be that you can not see the way forward because you are simply so full of all sorts of everyday things that you  can not feel what you feel like. You may just feel like you're not where you want to be. Then we start there.

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