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FREE telephone advice  



Charlotte Rønneberg Counseling now gives you the opportunity to get qualified counseling within stress and anxiety.  


When you call, there will be an experienced and trained advisor at the other end,

who specializes in the issues.  


The counselor will listen to you, give you qualified help or give you good advice if that is what you need.  


Everything said during the call is confidential and all work is subject to professional secrecy.  


For each conversation, 10-15 minutes are set aside, where there is 100% focus on you.  


If more time is needed, feel free to call again.  


You can also be put in touch with a counselor and have a conversation if the need arises.  


You can call:


Every Wednesday between 12:00 and 13:00  


+45 24 62 90 80  

Except during holidays and public holidays

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