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Presentation- Let go of your stress

Do you often find that you are totally depleted of energy, that your everyday life feels unmanageable, unrest rages around your body and your head feels as if it is about to explode? Sign up for this Webinar - and get tools that will help you let go of your stress so you can have a life of peace and balance.

Det er ikke længere muligt, at tilmelde sig oplægget "Hvordan kommer man bedst igennem sin stress".
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Presentation- Let go of your stress
Presentation- Let go of your stress

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Not yet decided

Via my website


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Do you suffer from prolonged stress? or are you "just" pressured or do you feel a little stressed? 

- you may not quite know how to get rid of it or what to do?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

Many Danes have daily symptoms of severe stress, ie. they experience unexplained pain, thoughts, restlessness in the body, sleep problems or problems with memory or difficulty concentrating. 

There are many different symptoms of stress, they often settle in the body - and if you do not know that it can be due to stress, then you have a very hard time helping yourself. 

Many of us humans live on autopilot (head-human), we are not used to listening and acting on our bodily signals. 

Maybe it's time for you to learn to feel and listen to your own body - and get to know its signals! 

If that sounds interesting ...

So sign up for this free presentation - where you get concrete tools to get out of the arms of stress and out to a more calm and well-balanced life - a life you deserve.

Do you want to come home to yourself? 

- to withdraw authority and live a life in balance?

The presentation itself is on my website www.charlotteronneberg.com  - so sign up on my page if you want to join!

In this presentation you will get tools so you can let go of your stress and have and live a more calm and balanced life.

The presentation lasts approx. 60 minutes, and there will be an opportunity for questions after the presentation.

It will deal with:

▪️Short about stress and the phases of stress. ▪️Knowledge stress and hidden stress ▪️How to close the open stress doors in your life

▪️How to achieve the right balance in your life

▪️ Become aware of when you are in the do and do?

▪️Be aware of how you listen to your body and your mind

Plus a lot of good advice, tips and tools.

There will be an opportunity for live questions after the presentation. 

There will be many more presentations on an ongoing basis, so keep an eye on the page - or sign up for my newsletter.

Go to my website www.charlotteronneberg.com  - and get good advice and inspiration or read more about stress. 

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